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    • Funds managed through open traceable smart contracts.

    Investment Portfolio

    Pivot Digital Trading(PDT1)
    By Pivot Digital Trading
    2017 annual return

    BTC denominated
    About Pivot Digital Trading
    • Pivot’s quantitative strategies team seeks to generate alpha by combining rigorous fundamental research with mathematical and statistical models to identify and execute on investment opportunities. Most of the team members have previously worked at HK Morgan Stanley High Frequency Trading desks, and have shifted crypto currency trading in 2017 October. The team currently ranks top in volume in many major crypto exchanges.
    Maximum 3 ETH
    What is olddriver

    Operational structure

    • A Fund can ONLY be created via smart contracts. Fund managers can only make allocation instructions on smart contracts,and instruction is separated from execution.
    • All investments are redeemed automatically when fund expires,not subject to ANY outside force. Your fund and smart contract would remain,even if this website cannot be opened.
    • All investment activity recorded remain on block chain, and cannot be remained.

    Code is trust

    • ·Code keeps records, discloses information, and regulates behavior.
    • ·We believe with code we can reduce the complexity of the applications of trust, and enable cheaper, faster ways in the granting of trust.
    • ·We specifically think that large opportunities can be unlocked, if we can simplify applications of trust in the management of assets, this will enable newer, wider asset arrays, faster raising of funds, and more regulated investment behavior.
    Democratizing profitable investment opportunities has been a revolving idea in finance.With block chain technology in place, OD may very well bring this idea into actualization.

    Jon Edwards

    Deputy Director, Equity Primary Markets at London Stock Exchange

    Cosmo timeline

    Redefining trust relationship in the field of investment


    • · Smart contract

    • · SuperDisclosure Ledger

    • · Board of risk mgt.

    • · Governance committee

    • · Monitoring committee


    • · Compliance Protocols

    • · Risk Mgt protocols

    • · Disclosure Protocols

    • · Wider array of Digital assets

    • · Robotic Advisory


    • · Tax protocols

    • · Autonomous risk mgt.

    • · Financial data cosmos


    • · More to come